Stop and breathe

Where can you go nowadays to escape from the hustle and bustle without winding up in overcrowded tourist resorts? If you are willing to offer your customers a different type of a holiday, then North Karelia might be just the right destination. Let us help you to offer the perfect packages for your customer groups!

Koli National Park

The Koli hill is the oldest bedrock of Europe. View from the top of Ukko-Koli to Lake Pielinen is often considered as the most iconic Finnish landscape and one of the most famous attractions in Finland.

Koli offers nature experiences and other relaxing activities year round.

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Valamo Monastery

Valamo Monastery is the heart of Orthodox religious life and culture in Finland.

The peaceful atmosphere of the monastery welcomes visitors throughout the year. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the silence.

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Parppeinvaara Rune Singer’s Village

From the Parppeinvaara hilltop you can admire views of the easternmost part of Finland. The buildings and  exhibitions of Parppeinvaara village show poem-singing traditions, war history and the relationship between people and nature. Traditional Karelian menu of Restaurant Parppeinpirtti is famous for its authentic flavors.

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Bomba Karelian Village

Bomba area, located in Nurmes is a fine example of Karelian wooden architecture. Standing at the heart of a holiday village of logbuilt houses decorated in traditional style with carvings and ornamental paintings, Bomba can offer hotel accommodation, restaurant, a spa, souvenirs, an Orthodox chapel and a broad range of activities in summer and winter.

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Ruunaa Wilderness Area

Cottage holidays

Rent a cottage and relax in the rural peacefulness!

There are 2200 cottages in North Karelia. Most of them are close to water, with wild berries and mushrooms often only a short walk from your door in season. In winter cross country skiing and ice fishing are top activities. Lomarengas offers the widest selection of cottages in our region.

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