DMCs in North Karelia

Are you looking for an active holiday, tailor made packages or high quality experiences for yourself or for your group? In North Karelia we have two local DMCs operating in the region – Green Finn Tour Operator (Äksyt Ämmät) and Pohjolan Matka DMC – who are happy to help you. In addition, there are four other DMCs that are operating all over Finland including North Karelia. Find more information below and don’t hesitate to contact them.

Green Finn Tour Operator

(Äksyt Ämmät)

Groups | FIT

Independent, fully licensed, local Finnish tour operator and activity commissioner. The company offers active holidays and holiday activities in Finland to small traveller groups, who wish to experience the most genuine activities run by the best local service providers. The valuable things for Äksyt Ämmät are the diversity of nature, responsibility and sustainability. 

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A man waiting for a bus

Pohjolan Matka DMC

Groups | Coach services

Travel service company of all-round services operating in almost 25 localities across Finland. The main business of Pohjolan Matka DMC comprises travel agency and bus services. The company arranges tours and transfers in any place you need. 

Pohjolan Matka is family-owned travel company and tour operator. It has more than 250 buses and 400 travel professionals are working for the company. Operates all over Finland with offices in North Karelia.  In addition to coach services a wide range of travel services is offered. 

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DMCs Operating All Over Finland

VK retki ryhma joensuu syksy

Elämys Group

Elämys Group is the largest privately owned travel company in Finland and provides a wide range of travel products and services from beach holiday to business travel.

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vk kesa maisema jarvi auringonlasku

Lakeland Finland Tours

Lakeland Finland Tours offers services both for FITs and group bookings in Finnish Lakeland, Archipelago and Capital regions in a sustainable way.

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GreenEscape is specialized in ecotourism and responsible traveling. They provide services and tours both for individual travelers and bigger groups.

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Finland DMC

Finland DMC is owned by family-run hotel company and provides accommodation packages including various activities with authentic experiences of Finland.

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